1) The Terms of Service apply to players who have sign up and play Yourmafia.com. Registering with Yourmafia.com means you have agreed to these TOS.

2) Yourmafia.com does not accept any responsibility for downtime, server errors, bugs and any other problems which may occur with the running of the game.

3) Yourmafia.com has no obligations to any player and may delete or ban an account when rules have been broken without any notification.

4) Yourmafia.com can modify or edit any section of rules, TOS or any in game element at any given time. It is your responsibility to keep up to date with this information

5) Donations are not refundable and will not give users any *special* rights. You can and will be banned for breach of TOS or game rules even if you have donated!

6) Yourmafia.com is not designed for children under the age of 18 due to the content, in game language or themes, by signing up to the game, you agree that you are over 18 years of age.

7) By signing up to game you are giving Yourmafia.com and any appropriate staff member the right to view in game mails.

8) By failing to adhere to these TOS you will be subject to ban and/or account deletion. This applies to any and all members

9) Browser plugins, macro plugins or auto clicker/refresh programs are forbidden and will result in immediate and permanent IP ban

10) If your account has been banned for breach of any game rules or TOS staff are not required to provide any explanations. Any and all donations will not be subject to any refund.

11) Using Multiple accounts is forbidden and will result in an Instant IP ban

12) The Use of Feeder accounts (one account purely used for giving cash,points or items and not being traded/paid for), this includes players quitting game and transferring all items to another member as this constitutes account feeding and against game rules and could result in ban.

13) Any bugs, loopholes or script errors should be reported to admin asap. Any players found exploiting these will be subject to instant game ban.

14) Within any and all areas of the game other the discussion of other games is strictly forbidden, as is any and all racism, sexism, hate speech, Porn links, nudity in avatar/profile pics, account trades etc. Ignoring these rules will result in your character being banned from these game areas.

15) Anyone found to be harassing other members, be it male or female, with unwanted/relentless or sexually provocative mails or contact will find themselves banned from game.

16) All names,places,descriptions or implied scenarios within Yourmafia.com are fictitious. Any real life place names or brands are merely for varied gameplay and in No way reflect any actual cities or brands in reality.

17) Situations created or experienced are in no way to be replicated outside the game environment. Many features, if reproduced in real life, could lead to harm,injury or death to which Yourmafia.com will be held in no way liable.

18) All Rights Reserved. All work contained within this game is subject to protection. Any use or infringement of these elements is forbidden

19) All game accounts remain the property of Yourmafia.com. No account sales are permitted

20) Being Disrepectful To Admins is not allowed and will result in account bans, no questions.

21) This Is A Mafia Game If you are hit online by another player, you will need to buy a house, level up and train. Whining continuously to staff may end up in a communications ban for 3 to 7 days.

We do not like to have to ban players. We are all about trying to keep everyone happy and when delivering consquences, we generally give more than enough warnings. If you get banned, you have continually broken the rules after given many chances.

alt Welcome to Yourmafia.com, a Free browser based MMORPG
Free to play forever with no server resets
Due to the ingame content Yourmafia.com is designed for users aged 18+